Hello Ladies

Only 2 weeks to go and I will be back in Tamworth. I have been in Newcastle for work the past 5 weeks and I’m ready for home.

I was going to comment on the blog site about all the fantastic entries everyone entered but the blog people in their infinite wisdom changed my password and

I have been unable to get the new password. It looks like I will need to design a new blog. I am most vexed with the situation.

I thought we all did very well.

The new challenge is to make something about babies.

This can be any sex, and as usual can be any project.

Date times are 20/02/2012 to the 19/03/2012 for this challenge.

One comment I would like to make to the scrapbookers is about taking a photo of your work. Can you take the photo with your page standing up

rather than lying down as we then get the full effect of your great pages?

Cheers for now